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Rental – Box Altitude Sleep Cloud

Rental – Box Altitude Sleep Cloud

Sleeping at altitude allows the body to produce a higher red blood cell count, thus boosting oxygen enriched blood, which leads to increased physical performance.

Evidence suggests that the Live High/Train Low method can enhance the performance of an athlete to a greater extent than training methods using the Live High/Train High method. Generally, training at altitude does not allow the athlete to train at intensity, so an athletes workout can be compromised due to the lower levels of oxygen found when training at altitude. The most effective solution is therefore to sleep at altitude, and then train at sea level.

With the Box Altitude Sleep Cloud you are sleeping at altitude every single night you go to bed, whilst maintaining all the benefits of training at low altitude.

Simply dial in the altitude you wish to sleep at, and the system will maintain the set altitude all night. The tent is spacious so there is no feeling of claustrophobia, nor does your body temperature increase due to our spacious sleeping environment. 

Your time spent at altitude, allows your body to recover, primed for the best performance the next day, and the day after that.

The proven benefits of altitude

  • Sports scientists agree that an altitude-training programme (sleep high and train low) is worthwhile for athletes who participate in team and individual sports where players cover large distances.
  • Sleeping at altitude will result in an increase in VO₂(max) and an increase in Hb(mass) for endurance athletes.
  • 19 nights was effective at increasing Hbmass and repeated TT performance more than sea-level training.
  • Using a sleep high/train low protocol at an altitude of 1800m increased Hbmass by 3.1% after 2 weeks, and 3.0% after 3 weeks of exposure.

All Box Altitude systems come complete with the following three key system components:

1) Altitude Controller App®

Control your altitude height, monitor the time you’ve spent at altitude, the heat and humidity of your environment, and track your sleep and progress.

2) Altitude Sensor®

The sensor pairs with the App through simple QR codes, in order to detect the oxygen content of your altitude environment. 

3) F10 Altitude Generator®

This efficient, quiet, multi-purpose altitude machine can alter your environment up to 3,000 metres.


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Rental period is 30 days minimum to start and $16.67/day thereafter

(We are closed Mondays, so bikes can be rented but not picked up or returned on Monday)

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Pick up is 4:00pm - 5:30pm the day before the rental starts, or you may pick up starting at 10am on the morning of your rental.
Return is before 3:00pm the day the rental ends.
**We are closed on Mondays, so you may book a rental but can not pick up or return on Monday.**

**Renter is responsible for returning rental items back in condition received. Any damage incurred during the rental period will be the responsibility of the renter, up to the full replacement retail price of the unit.**