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Fingerscrossed Light Merino Sock

Fingerscrossed Light Merino Sock

FINGERSCROSSED LIGHT MERINO SILK SOCKS are the ideal choice when you don’t feel like making choices. Made from a merino, silk and polyamide blend the fabric's natural temperature and moisture control properties add to the performance character while still offering the highest amount of comfort. Less fabric around the instep equals more breathability making the socks the right choice even when the temperatures still rise throughout the day. The sole area is reinforced from the toes towards the heel for added durability.


THERMOREGULATING - Merino wool has natural themoregulating properties
COMFORT - A mix from merino, silk and polyamide adds a luxurious feel to performance socks
MOISTURE CONTROL - The high amount of merino wool will naturally keep you dry
DURABLE - The sole area is reinforced for added comfort and durability
BRANDING - FINGERSCROSSED logo type and a woven rivet on the left sock

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