Community Spotlight

Bella Evans

Bella is a cycling apparel and product designer at Cadence Collection. She joined the team this year and is working toward improving women’s apparel and empowerment in the world of cycling. Her life is a balance between bikes and spending time with those who ride them, and the enjoyment of good food, art, family/friends, and the outdoors.  

We sat down with Bella on the stoop and learned more about this bad-ass creative women.

1) Your first memory of riding?

Freshman year of college. A friend offered to take me out for “a spin” as I had just bought my first bike. She’s a very accomplished athlete, but I told myself biking couldn’t really be all that hard. 15 miles later I had to bail, and spent the rest of the day laying on the floor of my dorm room. The soreness in the days after was brutal, as were the memories of nearly barfing and having to be helped up the last hill. But I loved the challenge, riding through the beautiful Oregon hills, and the freedom. I begged her to let me keep tagging along on her recovery rides, and started noticing improvements in my mental and physical health. From there I was hooked.

2) Name, IG Handle, Any sponsors you'd like to mention

Bella Evans

3) What's your favorite place to ride or route

Anywhere with a good view in LA. Before I moved here I had no idea you could get to so many hidden gems by bike that aren’t even in sightseeing/tourist guides. It’s one of my favorite ways to see the city.

4) After a long ride you...


5) Without riding you would be...

Probably pursuing my childhood dream of being an artist or really into crossfit. 

6) How did you get into designing?

Oregon State University’s Triathlon Team asked if I could help them out with a new kit for race season. I was a sophomore and just getting into cycling, and didn’t know anything about sportswear yet so the project felt like a huge challenge. Instead, I found I loved designing garments that were not only visually appealing, but supported and empowered athletes while they trained and raced. Shortly after, the pandemic hit and I dropped out and started work at a bike shop in San Diego, while designing on the side hoping to grow it into a career. Since living in my mom’s spare bedroom was not exactly part of the plan, I went back to school in LA for product development. Doing freelance design, I fell in with the LA cycling community, discovering a brand called Cadence. The rest is history!

7) Favorite thing you've ever designed or created?

What I’m working on right now! Since getting into cycling apparel design, it was my goal to work with women’s apparel, so revamping Cadence’s women's collection is a dream come true. We're mid-development on a handful of garments, the cargo bibs being the thing I’m most excited about.

8) What are looking forward to most about your new role with Cadence?

To help Cadence grow & evolve! It’s been amazing working with our factory here ins the US to develop new & improved apparel, especially for our women’s collection, but it goes beyond just product. Women have been historically under-represented in cycling, and I’m excited to be part of a team working to change that through community involvement and outreach. I really look forward to working on more events like the Luft Humpday Hunnies initiatives for ladies on bikes everywhere.