Community Spotlight

Hernan Montenegro

Owner, Montenegro Mfg (MMFG)

MMFG is a small composites fabrication studio focused on producing the best road bicycles, components, and frame repairs. All of which are done 100% in house here in Los Angeles, California.

They have been bringing passion, art, and performance together since 2013.

We sat down with Hern to learn a bit more about him, his company, and cycling.

1) The Basics:

Name: Hernan Montenegro
Company: Montenegro Mfg (MMFG)
Instagram: @Montenegro_mfg
Location: Los Angeles, California

2) What is your first memory of riding?

When I was about 3 years old, I saw a boy my age who lived two houses down riding a bike without training wheels. Even though I was too young at the time, it made me want to bike without training wheels. He was the first friend I made riding bikes and we are still best friends till this day.

3) Without MMFG, the cycling world would be...

Lame as hell.

4) If your bikes were an animal/mystical creature, they'd be a... (and why)

A dog. Because dogs are cool and they love you more than they love themselves.

5) What's your favorite place to ride?

Anywhere with friends and nice weather.

6) What's your favorite bike you've made? (pics above)

My favorite is probably the first prototype of the current method I use to build my frames. At the time no one was successfully building a frame with 3D printed molds as a product ready for the market. (A real bike, not just an experiment). After roughly 3 years of iterations we built a bike worth selling.

7) After a long ride you.

Eat Everything, Drink Coffee or a Coke.

We asked Hern to share a playlist that best represents him/ his brand/ and what he listens to while riding.