Community Spotlight

Leah Polcyn

Leah has seen the benefits of integrating intentional goal setting and diversified movement into her routine. She wanted to create a space where other could feel the same. A space where awareness of the body and mind were integrated into fitness to help improve one's overall well-being.  She has spent the past few years fostering a community that builds mental and physical strength, and clarity. 

Studio Elevate encompass's the foundations for fitness and well-being by balancing the strength and flexibility benefits of endurance pilates with awareness of the body and mind.

We took a class with Leah to learn more about her community and cycling journey.

1) The Basics - Who is Leah?

I'm the owner of Studio Elevate who lives an active lifestyle filled with pilates, biking, soccer, strength training and more. I'm a wife and mom of 2 and loves living In the moment while manifesting my future.

2) First memory of riding bikes?

My first real mountain bike ride was my most memorable moment (and very humbling)! I was about 19 and was coaching a kids soccer team. One of the moms invited me on a group ride and I said yes. I was shocked how hard it was! It was a challenging single track downhill and all uphill on the way back. I was last one up every climb, it was brutal. I was challenged to my very edge and will not forget the moment I finally got in the shower and felt like a million bucks. I was hooked. 

3) Tell us about Elevate - How did begin? How has it evolved?

I've always seen movement as medicine, and decided I wanted to share the benefits. I specifically chose an athletic based pilates method as I alleviated chronic knee pain I had in my early 20's by combining pilates with strength training. Today, I'm so grateful for our community. By truly committing to choose to prioritize the health of our mind and body, we learn to challenge self limiting beliefs. 

4) Without movement the world would be....

Full of a lot more suffering 

5) Where is your favorite place to ride?

My all time favorite ride is the Downieville Downhill in Northern California. It's insanely beautiful up there, the town is super cute, and the ride is so challenging. 

6) How do you integrate mindfulness into your routine?

I use my routines as a meditation of sorts. My thoughts subside and I stay present and always push myself. The mind is stronger than the body, so I have to believe I can do it first. Then I do it!

7) After a long ride you...

Drink lots of water then steam and shower.

8) Advice for those looking to diversify their traditional training routine?

Do it! The more modalities you practice the more resilient you'll become. You'll build intrinsic self esteem and it will positively impact your life.