Community Spotlight

Max Pratt

Pratt Frameworks was founded to build a better race bike. The world of bicycle racing is flooded with carbon fiber frames in stock sizes, and they want to change that.

Each frame that leaves their shop is designed specifically for its rider. They take into account every measurement that affects the way a bike will feel, look, and perform. Their tube sets and wall thicknesses vary based on riding styles and weights, and their tubing profiles vary across each discipline.

Through continuous prototyping and race testing they have determined their favorite geometries and details to make the best frames they can.

We sat down with Max to learn a bit more about him, his company and cycling.

1) The Basics:

Name: Max Pratt

Company: Pratt Frameworks

Instagram: @prattframeworks


Location: Providence, Rhode Island

2) What is your first memory of riding?

I learned to ride a bike by staring at a telephone pole and riding right at it, I didn't know how to turn yet so I ran into it pretty quick.

3) Without Pratt Frameworks, the cycling world would be...

We try to make bikes that are as fun to look at as they are to ride, but our racing team is doing the hard work of making the sport a more inclusive and safe space for FTW (femme, transgender, women) riders.

4) If your bikes were an animal/mystical creature, they'd be a... (and why)

I've always thought of bikes as sort of mechanical horses, especially a track bike, they like to go fast and it's your job as the rider to try and hold on!

5) What's your favorite place to ride?

Mt. Diablo is cool, but Vermont class IV roads are pretty unbeatable.

6) What's your favorite bike you've made? (pic above)

Still totally in love with my rusty single speed gravel bike.

7) After a long ride you.

Donuts, ice cream, and coffee.